Krysta's Story


Long story short, I grew up in the beauty industry as my family owned the largest beauty supply distributor on the East Coast, which ended up getting acquired by L'Oreal.

Over the years, makeup was my artistic outlet. I spent all of my extra cash on the latest product release, but I soon discovered something I enjoyed so much was unfortunately hurting me.

After about 7 years of daily migraines and nausea, I was sitting at my vanity one morning and the ingredient list of my foundation caught my eye. As I looked line by line at this tiny list I realized I couldn't understand any of the ingredients. This suddenly hit me as odd. Here I am reading the ingredients on everything I eat yet I've never considered what I'm putting on my skin?! Could this be a clue into my years of suffering?!

I quickly sent my products to be tested and they came back with a toxic list of chemicals: flame retardants, formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum... things you'd expect to find in an auto shop and certainly not your beloved beauty products...ones that were supposedly "safe" for the skin.

At this point, I stopped wearing makeup for a few weeks to see if it had any impact on my symptoms. To my surprise, the migraines slowly faded and then so did the nausea. I was excited to finally have cracked this mystery that even the best of the best doctors here in Boston couldn't figure out. 

But this led me to question, "Is this situation unique to me or could other people be suffering, too?" As I shared my story with others, I found sensitivities to chemicals were much more common than I thought and not to mention, per my recommendation, a few people eliminated their conventional makeup from their daily routines and found relief similar to mine!

At this point, I was seriously onto something but I was a college student at the time, so starting a beauty brand wasn't the first thought. But as I searched the shelves of popular cosmetic stores, products were EITHER natural OR long-lasting... Why couldn't I find anything that was both?

I spent weeks trying all of the natural options on the market (ones that were truly natural - as many brands greenwash us and make us believe they are clean when they aren't) and they were, for lack of a better word, "blah". The color range was primarily earth tones and a couple hours after applying it looked like I wasn't wearing any makeup. FUN TIMES!

At this point I was incredibly frustrated and the thought of launching my own line seemed like the only option! Many tried to talk me out of it saying, "Krysta, do you think this is realistic? You should go work in the corporate world for a few years and then consider it once you have experience." But as a young fearless female, I had a desire lit with passion and a need that I needed to find a solution for. This was no longer just about me, women deserved makeup that was SAFE and WORKED! We shouldn't have to sacrifice health for beauty or beauty for health. Now was the time. 

After a long battle with labs to find one who would work with us and believed in my vision, Aisling Organics (ayz-ling) was born! The key word in that last sentence was "vision" and that's the very meaning of "Aisling" in Irish. My vision is that one day every individual will only use the purest ingredients on their skin to promote optimal health.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and learn more about something so incredibly special. If I can ever be of service to you or help answer any questions, please reach out to me directly ( as my customers are my everything