What Is My Undertone? A Simple Guide to Perfecting Your Look

Clean Beauty Queens, it's obviously apparent that we are all individually unique in our own beautiful way. There are aspects that differentiate us from one another, and let’s face it, that in itself is beauty. Here at Aisling we wouldn’t dare to want to look like someone else and neither should you. With that being said, we wear makeup because it can give us the confidence to look and feel our best. It can be overwhelming narrowing down what tones of makeup work best for our skin - which is why we outlined how to pick your undertone and what it can do for your makeup routine. 

An undertone is a color underneath the surface of your skin that affects your overall hue. Some might have a yellow or red undertone that can determine the hue of your skin. The three undertones are cool, warm, and neutral. 

If you have a cool undertone, it means that your skin has hints of blue, pink or red complexion. A warm undertone has hints of peach, gold or yellow tones, and neutral is a mixture of the two.

Understanding your undertone can be a GAME CHANGER when choosing your foundation. In a time where every moment is documented with a picture, let us guide you with simple tricks and tips to help you pick the right shades. 

Undertone Tips & Tricks

1. When in Doubt Look at Your Wrists:

Simply look at your wrists, what color do your veins appear?

Cool Tones:
If your veins appear blue or purple, you are cool toned. Your skin naturally depicts pink, red & blue hues, and when you look at your skin in the sun it appears blue. Cool tones individuals look best in silver-toned jewelry. 

Neutral Tones:
If your veins appear blue-green, you are neutral toned. Your skin naturally depicts neither pink, red, or blue hues. Nor does your skin naturally depict yellow, gold or peach hues. When you look at your skin in the sun it appears green. Both gold, and silver jewelry go well with your skin tone.

Warm Tones:
If your veins appear olive or green, you are warm-toned. Your skin naturally depicts yellow, gold or peach hues, and when you look at your skin in the sun it appears yellowish. Gold jewelry flatters your skin versus silver.

2. White Fabric Test

This simple test is exactly what it sounds like. Make sure to pull you hair back, so you are looking at your face clearly without distractions. Place a white towel around your neck, and shoulders, before you do this please make sure your face bare, and clean. The white tone will reflect your true colors, for best results use ivory white. 

3. How does your skin react in the sun?

Think back to previous experience. If you tan easily, yet rarely burn, you have warm undertones. If you burn easily, yet rarely tan, you have cool tones. 

Still questioning which shade is right for you? Aisling Organic's offers a LIVE CHAT on our website so you can talk directly with a customer service representative to get a better idea of what shades will look great on you. You can also purchase our Foundation + Sample Kit Bundle to get your PERFECT shade of foundation in the mail first - then receive a coupon code in your email to get your foundation. The kit retails for 45 dollars so you're getting the sample kit FOR FREE! 

So, what is the verdict? With these simple tips & tricks you will figure it out in no time. In the end, wear what you love. Make your style your own, there is nothing wrong with that.

Written by Elizabeth Martinez & Joanne Coffey