Our Staff's Favorite Beauty Products/Tips Of 2019

It’s that AMAZING time of the year where our team gets to share our favorite beauty products and secrets of the year! We have rounded up our beauty essentials that we think our Clean Beauty Queens need in their lives. Looking for a new holy grail? We got your back, Queen. 

Krysta Lewis, CEO, Bad Joke Lover

1. Eco-Luxe Foundation (Shade Beige)

Is this even worth explaining? This foundation is truly unlike any I've used before -- I can get the medium coverage I desire, all while feeling like I'm wearing nothing!



  1. Green Tea + Rice Setting Powder

Partner and crime to the Eco-Luxe Foundation, the setting powder is great for keeping my skin shine-free all day long.

  1. Liquid Lipstick (Shade Orchid)

I love the liquid lipstick in the shade Orchid as it's long-lasting and is the perfect daily shade.

  1. Bali Bronze Cheek Tint

For someone that is fair all year round, this gives me just the right amount of color making it look like I've been sitting on an island for a week!

Beauty Products/Beauty Secrets 

  1. Jane Gee Bath Bombs 

These bath bombs are perfect for a relaxing bath before bed. I love using the lavender as it helps me sleep and makes my skin so soft!

  1. Jane Gee Elixir Corrective Serum

This serum is seriously unlike any other I've tried before. It's incredibly hydrating and helps keep breakouts at bay. I use this before bed.

  1. Plant Therapy Peppermint Essential Oil

This is a great multipurpose essential oil to use on breakouts, your stomach when it hurts, on your temples when you have a headache or in your diffuser to energize you!

  1. Josh Rosebrook Hydration Accelerator Toner

This toner is fantastic when your skin is feeling the winter blues (aka 0% hydration)! I load it on morning and night and also use it to set my makeup. 

  1. Suki Exfoliating Cleanser

An essential step to flawless skin that many people forget about is exfoliating. This cleanser removes dead skin, cleans out your pores and leaves your face feeling smooth and balanced.


Joanne - Marketing Assistant, Offical NARP (Non-Athletic Regular Person) 

Joanne Coffey

As a product junkie, I’m esthetic that I decided to transition into more natural products. I didn’t realize until after working for Aisling how many chemicals I was putting on my skin. After transitioning, I have seen transformational changes in my skin! So Queens, here are my essentials that I HAVE to share. 

1. Eco-Luxe Foundation (Shade: Beige) 

This foundation as CHANGED my skin for the better. I love that aloe is the first ingredient because it offers intense hydration without making me feel oily. Its color adjusting, so I can wear it year-round. I’ve turned all my family and friends onto it - and they’re in love too!

2. Cheek Tint (Shade Blush)

I’m a SUCKER for blush. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have 3 products, it would be foundation, mascara, and blush. I love that its a cream because it lasts a lot longer than any powder blush I’ve worn. Definitely a necessity. 

3. Lip Gloss (Shade 021)

My lips be poppin’ when I got this gloss on. Its the perfect pinky nude shade that I can pair with any lippie. Its hydrating, nourishing, and yes, I love the vanilla taste. 

Beauty Products/Beauty Secrets 

1. Jojoba Oil

My girl Meg turned me onto this oil (shoutout meg)! I love it because it is so versatile - AND ORGANIC! I use it on my skin as a daily moisturizer, and sometimes in my hair as a treatment. 

2. Coconut Oil 

I don’t use this on my skin because it can sometimes cause me to break out, but it is PERFECT to nourish my curly hair. I use it on the ends and it gives me the hydration that I need. Definitely, a beauty hack that works! 

3. Humidifier

This is a NECESSITY for keeping my skin plump and hydrated in the winter. During the cold months, the moisture is sucked from the air which can drastically dry out your skin. 


Briana Rueger, Head of Customer Experience, Tik Tok fanatic 

Briana Rueger

Makeup Products

1. Foundation (Shade Beige)

Obsessed with the feel of it! I don't like a lot of coverage so 1 pump does the trick for just sheer coverage to even everything out. 

2. Lipstick (Red Wine)

So before I started working for Aisling, lip products were just something that I strayed so far from because I could never find a color that worked well for me, or stayed on.. etc. But BABAM! Low and behold, I'm a lip queen and obsessed with the red wine lipstick formula. It should be in everyone's purse.

3. Length + Curl Mascara (Black)

Let me introduce you to my eyelashes. That's all I have to say.


Beauty Products/Beauty Secrets


My absolute favorite thing ever, I always feel so high class and fancy AF when I use this. 

2. Siren Silk Moisturizer-Earth Harbor

THE most amazing moisturizer you'll ever feel in your life.

3. Milkshake- Leave-In Conditioner

My new hairdresser said a leave-in conditioner is like essential to life, so apparently, I've been dead for the past 28 years. SOO, ya girl is here.. with a leave-in conditioner :)


Meg Smith, Chief Brand Officer, Almond Lover 

meg smith

1. Eyeshadow (Iced Mocha)

It’s the perfect hue for a daytime special touch, but also is a GREAT ’natural smokey eye’ color for evening. It has the perfect amount of shimmer!

2. Liquid Lipstick (Dahlia)

My favorite day-to-night color, it’s that lip product that you can dress up and dress down depending on the outfit, and eye makeup. Most of all, I love it’s nourishing properties, especially during the winter when my lips are extremely dry! It feels amazing. 

3. Eco Set Rice + Green Tea Setting Powder 

Removes the shine and sets my face for the day. I particularly love it over my concealer and is a game-changer for later in the day when I need a smooth under-eye. 

Beauty Products/Beauty Secrets  

1. Humidifier

I have extremely dry skin, and my humidifier was a game-changer, especially for my face! I wake up with my skin feeling hydrated! 

2. Jojoba Oil

I use this as a makeup remover (works wonders with waterproof mascara) — it’s gentle, yet powerful to remove waterproof mascara. Again, with dry skin, it also leaves behind a nice dewey moisture that my skin desperately needs.

3. Brown Sugar + Essential Oil Lip Scrub

(amazing during winter) — it removes any dead or dry skin, and leaves the lips perfectly smooth and hydrated! They feel like silk afterwards! 

Nikki Bott, Operations Assistant, The Sweetest Employee You’ll Ever Meet 

Nikki Bott

Fave Beauty Products AND Tip

My favorite beauty tip would be mixing my Cheek Tint in Blush with my Cheek Tint in Pink Frost together and applying that to my cheeks for a blush/highlight in one :)


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