How to Make Organic Setting Spray

Makeup setting spray is a handy product if you’re having a night out and don’t trust the “24 hr wear” claims on your conventional products. Setting sprays are one of the most useful products, but can also be one of the most dangerous for your skin. Ditch the chemical-filled setting sprays, and find out how you can DIY at home. 


What’s so bad about conventional setting sprays? 

When you use a conventional setting spray, you either spray it from a bottle or in worse cases, an aerosol can. You are inhaling the same aerosol chemicals that are in spray paint cans and Lysol. If your setting spray is from an aerosol can, you are breathing in chemical adhesives that help stick the makeup to your skin. This can cause longterm health and skin issues.  Some conventional setting sprays contain alcohol, which can completely dry out your skin and cause irritation.

Also, when you layer on a setting spray, it doesn’t allow your skin to breath underneath all the layers of makeup. This can cause texture and breakouts on your skin, which is not ideal! 

How to make your OWN natural and organic setting spray

  • ½ cup of rosewater, from Simplified Skin.  This rosewater is certified by the USDA as organic and natural. 
  • 1 tablespoon of Glycerin, this ingredient has many skin-loving benefits that protects, nourishes, and maintains water balance in your skin. 
  • 2 drops of organic lavender essential oils. This will make the spray smell amazing and relaxing as you spray it on your face. 
  • Mix your solution together and put it in a glass spray bottle.

EXTRA TIP! If you want to add some shimmer and shine to your setting spray to make it luminous, crush up a small amount of our Peach Ice eyeshadow and add it into the solution, and shake. This will give a luminous effect when you spray it on your face! 


Not a fan of fun DIY products or setting sprays? 

It’s not completely necessary to wear a setting spray to complete a makeup look. We can show you how to touch up your makeup QUICK AND EASY throughout the night. 

  • Take any of our Cheek Tints and reapply your blush! Blush is the first thing to wear off our faces. A quick reapply will make your face look more alive and flushed. 
  • Dab a little bit of the product onto the cushion and ONLY apply it to the T zone of your face. (The T zone is the middle of the forehead, nose, and chin.) 

These are the areas of your face that tend to be the oiliest, and might need some powder throughout the night to keep yourself matte. 

Clean Beauty Queens, if you make this DIY setting spray, TAG US! We want to see what you come up with and what you think of the spray. Instagram: @aislingorganics