How to Get Glowy Skin with the Bali Bronze

Summer calls for natural bronzed sun-kissed skin, except nobody wants to have their face exposed to the sun all day; accelerated aging, wrinkles, and dark spots? No thank you! 

Aisling Organics created the Bali Bronze with climate-adaptive technology to have clean beauty queens experience the beauty of bronzed, glowy skin without the sun damage. This fan-favorite bronzer adds warmth up the face, but Aisling wanted to do more than that. The Bali Bronze adds a natural dimension to the face, and the shimmer adds the GLOW. 

How to Apply the Bali Bronze

Bali Bronze Swatch

Bronzer is meant to be applied to the perimeter of the face to emphasize the natural hollows of the face. Apply the product directly on the skin in a “3” motion starting on the forehead, hallow of the cheeks, then the jawline. Dab softly with your fingers or blend upward with a brush.

For lighter skin tones – The product can be blended effortlessly starting in the hallows of the cheeks and upward into the highlight. 

For darker skin tones – The Bali Bronze has shimmer in it giving it the glow we’ve been talking about. Use the product on the high points of the face for a luminous flush.

Use the Bali Bronze on the Cheeks, Eyes and Lips

All of Aisling Organic’s products can be multiuse! Yes, that includes the Bali Bronze. We all know how to use it on the cheeks, but it looks just as beautiful on the eyes or lips. 

To use on the eyes – apply on your fingertip and blend onto the eyelid OR take the flat side of our Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brush and dip it into the product and apply it on the eyelid. 

To use on the lips – use it as a lipstick! This can add a beautiful shin in the center of your lips over a matte color.

Let’s Talk Ingredients

Bali Bronze Ingredients

The Bali Bronze is a NEWLY FORMULATED cheek tint that has climate-adaptive technology to make sure it doesn’t fade throughout the summer heat. Here is a rundown of the ingredients: 

Vegetable Oil: Helps the product glide onto the skin

Japanese Wax: (our secret ingredient) helps the product stay on the skin 

Sunflower Seed Oil: Nourishes the skin 

Oryza Sativa Rice Bran Wax: Helps adhere the product to your skin in the purest way 

Bamboo Extract: Popular in Korean Beauty, this ingredient works to regenerate and strengthen the skin

Lavender: This penetrates your pores and regulates your natural oil production