How to do Winged Eyeliner Like A Pro

One day your eyeliner can be effortless and the other days it can be a pretty mess. Don’t worry clean beauty queens, were here to show you step by step how to achieve any eyeliner look that will NEVER FAIL. Wheater you’re into a clean line, small wing, or the dramatic cat-eye wing you see on those Instagram models, we got your back. Did I mention you can achieve all three of those options with our clean line?  


Conventional Vs. Clean Cosmetics 

Conventional cosmetics contain toxins like lead, petroleum,  or endocrine-disrupting plastics. These mainstream brands use toxins in its liners that could have health complications if used for a long period of time. Get rid of that perception that clean cosmetics don’t work, because they do. With new and revolutionary formulations on the market (yes, I’m talking about Aisling Organics) our luxe liner and smoke + diamonds eyeshadow make it easy to achieve a wing that is rich, pigmented, and lasts all day.


Thick or Thin Line?

A good rule of thumb before doing your eyeliner is to consider the size of your eyelid to make sure your eyeliner will be proportionate to the rest of your eye area. 

For a larger eyelid area: a thicker yet softer line can be extremely flattering.

For a smaller eyelid area: a thin, intense line defines eyes in a beautiful way.

For hooded eyes: try lining the upper lash line with a very thin line, and also tight-lining your eyes. Follow up with curling your eyelashes with a thicker mascara application.


Tips if you don’t have a steady hand

We’ve all been there. Whether we’ve just had too much coffee, or just feeling the pressure, applying eyeliner can sometimes be tricky! A tip is keeping your elbow on the table, this will give you more control. If you want, you can also place your ring finger on the outer edge of your eye and GENTLY pull backward. This will give you a little more traction when applying the liner.  

Achieving a clean line on the eye (USING EYESHADOW) 

For all you “no makeup” makeup wearers out there, this is the perfect way to make your eyes POP just a little without the worry of adding the wing. To achieve a clean line of definition on your lash line, you only need two things! Our Bark eyeshadow and a thin eyeliner brush.

Take a small amount of our Bark Eyeshadow with the eyeliner brush, and start applying in small tugging/dragging motions as close to the lash line as possible. Start on the outer edge of the eye, because that’s where you want the most pigment to be. You will want to apply the product from the outer edge to the middle of your eye. This will open up the eye more! If you make a mistake, take a Q-Tip with some eye makeup remover and clean up the line. This is what the line should look like when you’re done! 



Achieving a classic wing 

It’s easier than you think, queens. Take our Luxe Liner in black for a more bold wing, or brown for a more natural-looking look. Make sure the pencil is sharpened for a more precise line. START WITH THE WING, draw the bottom of the wing first until you have the preferred length of the wing. Then, connect the wing back to the lash line. 

Now that your wing is complete, the rest is easy! You can now draw a small line from the inner lash line to the wing. Make sure the liner pencil is parallel to your eye, this will make it easier to achieve a smooth line. 

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Set your wing with our Smoke + Diamond eyeshadow. This will ensure it will last all day and not smudge. 


Achieve a bold wing

Now that you know how to get a classic wing, achieving a bold wing consists of the same steps, but making the wing a little bit bolder and longer. If you’re having trouble getting the shape you want, create your classic wing with the steps above, and then take your eyeliner brush and the Smoke + Diamonds eyeshadow and go over the edges, this should give you enough volume to bring your wing to the next level. If you want to clean up the edges, take our Concealer and the flat side of our dual-ended eyeshadow brush and clean up the edges. This will make your wing look EXTRA defined. 

Well queens, tag us on Instagram or Facebook in your selfies with your SICKENING eye looks. We want to see it all! Use the hashtag #CLEANBEAUTYSELFIE so we can repost your beautiful pictures.