How to Create the Perfect Brow

How to Create the Perfect Brow

Brown maintenance can be a nuisance. That's why most of us leave it up to professionals to get the perfect feathered brow.  There's a lot that can go wrong and are several techniques to consider for creating the perfect brow. There's a fear of over-plucking, over-filling, and using the right products. Always remember - your eyebrows should be sisters, NOT twins. 

Why are eyebrows essential in your makeup routine? What makes this feature of our face so special? Your eyebrows frame your facial features which create balance and symmetry. If they're overplucked, the balance of the face is thrown off. Remember that over time, eyebrows change with age and can stop growing.

Here are a few insider tips from Aisling to help make this process easy and quick:

Tips & Tricks 

    • Brush Your Eyebrows

    Comb your eyebrows UPWARD to see what you are working with. This will guide your shape, and give you direction on where to groom. This is where you trim overgrown eyebrows, and pluck unwanted hairs.

    • Consider Your Shape

    Remember to consider the shape of your face. Do not force an eyebrow shape that is unnatural to your facial structure. Naturally, eyebrows should align with your inner tear duct, and end at the outer corner of your eye. 

    Oval Shaped Face: 

    Wear a soft brow with a lower arch to not make your face look long. 

    Diamond Shaped Face: 

    A soft, rounded brow will help take the edge off your features. This will maintain the natural balance of your face.

    Round Shaped Face: 

    You want to add a high angle arch to give your face shape more length and definition. 

    Square Shaped Face: 

    Create a bold shaped brow to compliment your facial features. A soft angled brow will bring attention to your eyes and help soften the jawline. 

    Heart-Shaped Face: 

     A delicate and soft angled brow is essential to not draw attention to the forehead and compliment the shape of your face. Add a low/medium arch to bring attention to your eyes.

    •  Add Product

    There are many different products to use when filling in your eyebrows, so try to pick a color that MATCHES your natural eyebrow color.  

    An eyebrow pencil An eyebrow powder

    This tool helps create precise, small and natural-looking hairs. Simply take the tool and hold it at the end of the pencil, similar to holding a pencil closer to the eraser. This is going to help you have light pressure when applying the hair-like strokes.

    An eyebrow powder

    This and an angled brush can be used to create a bolder brow. Remember to use a spoolie to brush the hairs upward for your first step. Then dip your brush into the product and apply evenly. Use the spoolie again to blend the pigment out.

    INSIDER TIP: If you want your brows to last all day, use our setting powder and lightly set your brows when they're completed. This will lock them in place all day long. 

    Aisling's Multi-Use Products To Create the Perfect Brow

    Eco-Luxe Collection Eyeliner: $12.00 

    This is a two in one product. In the shade brown, it can be used on the eyes AND eyebrows to create a natural, feathered look. 

    Eco Collection Eyeshadow: $22.00

    Bark eyeshadow can be used as a brow powder to fill in the brows. If you want a quick and easy brow, pair bark eyeshadow with our dual-ended eyeshadow brush to blend the pigment out.