Don’t Be Intimidated By Foundations: Simple Tips & Tricks For A Flawless Application

Ah, sweet 16, or in my culture a quinceañera. Every teens rite of passage transitioning from a child to adulthood. How beautifully symbolic, extremely exciting, and terrifying. This milestone marks a new chapter, and leads the way for a new beginning. 

Who are we kidding? This is not the most important milestone we encounter. No, the most important milestone is the moment we were told we were old enough to wear makeup. Of course, I, was a rebel. I could not, and did not wait to be told. The amount of jet black eyeliner I used to wear makes me cringe to this day, but then there was my foundation. Sadly, you should know where I am going with this. 

Every woman has encountered “the ring”. The moment of realization you are wearing a foundation that is completely the wrong shade. Jawlines speak the truth, and blasts your wrongs. Ladies, take comfort in knowing we have all been there. Yikes! The journey in successfully finding your perfect match is how legends are made. Ok, maybe this is full of exaggeration, but it is an epic moment. Foundation is intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

 5 Tips & Tricks for a Perfect Application:

  1. Find your match: This is where the intimidation begins. To narrow down which shade is your perfect match look at wrist, your veins will guide you. Foundations come in 3 different undertones: cool, neutral and warm. Cool undertones consist of veins appearing with blue or purple hues, and skin appears pink, red, and blue. Neutral undertones consist of veins appearing with blue-green hues, and skin appears neither pink/red/blue nor yellow/gold/peach. Instead your skin tone is somewhere in between. Warm undertones consist of veins appearing with green or olive hues, and skin appears yellow, gold, and peach.

  2. Test again & again: Always remember to test out foundation on your jawline, cheek or neck. This will give you the best representation to find your perfect match. Don’t forget to utilize great lighting for this process. If you are successful in your search the foundation should blend with your skin tone with ease, and is not forced. If you have any doubts, ask for assistance. Beauty brands are typically equipped to guide you during this process, and you can always ask for samples to test at home.
  3. Preparation is key: Primers are best friends with foundations. Primers will do wonders to minimize the appearance of pores, smooth textured skin, mattify the appearance of your face, and add longevity to the foundation. This is of course an optional step, but it is highly recommended. 

  4. Application Tools: Avid cosmetic enthusiast already know the power a Beautyblender holds. For those who don’t, it is time you do. Utilizing this during your foundation process allows for a flawless finish. Of course, a foundation brush achieves similar results.

  5. Finishing Tools: By this step your foundation application should already look on point. Next step is to set it. Like primers, this is totally optional, but recommended. Setting sprays are utilized to achieve the finale look of the foundation, and add longevity. Depending on the brand, or formula, the setting spray aides to hydrate the skin, and keep you cool. 

Cosmetics are used as a form of expression. With thousands of products available the possibilities are ended. In the end wear what makes you comfortable. I hope these steps will guide you to looking your fiercest. Sasha Fierce, who?!

Written by Elizabeth Martinez