Creating Memorable Looks For Memorial Day

30,000. Yes, 30,000! Did you know our Dual-Ended Eye Shadow Brush earned 30,000 5-Star Reviews on IPSY?! Subscribers of ISPY were blown away by its ability to blend eyeshadow and concealer. The brush’s versatility allows users to blend shadows effortlessly in the crease and then use the flat side to apply color to the lid and bottom lash line.

On one side of the brush, you have a perfectly oval-shaped packing brush that can be used wet or dry to apply maximum pigmentation. The natural bristles are dense enough to blend shadow on the lower lash line for a sultry eye effect. The other side has long, natural bristles that blend our shadows in the crease with no harsh lines, who wouldn’t want that? Its sleek black and gold packaging leave the brush looking luxurious for all our clean beauty queens.

How To’s and Tricks

  1. The flat oval side can precisely pack the eyeshadow peach ice onto the lid, inner corner, and brow bone for a beautiful shimmer.   

  2. For a more pigmented effect, wet the brush with water! This allows the pigment to have a maximum color payout.

  3. Also, use the oval side to apply concealer under the eyes and around the brows.

  4. Use the blender side to seamlessly blend the eyeshadow antique penny into the crease to make your eyes appear bigger.

All-Natural Way to Clean your Dual Ended Eyeshadow Brush

  1. Rub a small amount of olive or almond oil onto the brush. This breaks down any residue on the brush.

  2. Use a natural soap like Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Liquid Soap and massage it into the brush. This will deep clean your brush making it ready for application. (Wells, 2019)

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Wells, Katie. (2019). “How to clean makeup brushes naturally”. WellnessMama. 20 May, 2019.