Clean Beauty Queen's Insider Guide to Buying Makeup Online

Buying makeup online isn’t as hard as you think! Just because you can't swatch product photos or URL’s to find your perfect shade, we have some tricks you can slip up your sleeve for buying makeup online that you WON’T have to return.  We want to eliminate that uncertainty when buying makeup online, so we’re excited to introduce you to our… drumroll, please… qualified VIRTUAL CONSULTANTS!


1. Read Reviews 

Reviews can be SUPER helpful giving you that credibility that you’re searching for. You get to read the positives and negatives before you buy - which might be very helpful if it’s an expensive purchase. Personally (joanne@aislingorganics) speaking here, I never buy something without reading the reviews first. 


2. Send a Selfe! 

Virtual makeup try-on’s are only based on algorithms, but with our virtual consultants, you get expert opinions from experienced professionals on which colors work best for you. Send a selfie (in natural lighting) to our consultants, and they will give you their best opinion on which colors would be perfect for your skin tone and type. Simply head over to the main page of our website and click the chatbox, send the selfie and receive a thoro color match within minutes. 


3. Understand the Ingredient List 

It’s very important to know and understand the ingredient deck before you purchase. Since the FDA does not have any regulation on which ingredients go into cosmetic products, companies can put ANY preservatives they want into ANY product they want. Just a quick rundown - the ingredient list is in order of the amount that’s in the product. If there is a > symbol before the ingredient, that means it is under 1%, and does not have any positive effect on your skin.   


4. Use the App MIRA

Mira is a cosmetic and skincare review app where people can create accounts and share tips, reviews, and favorite products. These communities are filled with experienced beauty lovers who review products for the simple joy of helping others.


5.  Know and Understand the Return Policy 

When you’re buying makeup online, you need to cover all your bases. If not, there will be a higher chance of return. Knowing and understanding the return policy is very important especially with cosmetics; since there might not even be a return policy. Buying sale items have a higher chance of being final sale, so make sure you’re in the know! 


6. See if the Website Offers Samples With Your Purchase 

Getting samples with your purchase is a great way to test out new products without having to commit to buying the full size. You get to smell, feel the texture, see how it performs, and ultimately know if you’re willing to spend the big bucks! Aisling has a bundle where you can purchase our foundation + sample kit bundle (for 45 dollars) and we send you the sample kit for free so you know your shade, and then email you a coupon to redeem a full-size foundation. Buying makeup online just got EASY! 


7. Subscribe to What You Love 

Once you’ve fallen in love with a brand and product, it only makes sense to subscribe to save money! Subscription services are becoming very popular for cosmetic and skincare brands. You save money on the product and pick out when you want your refill sent to you. Check out our subscription service on any of our products. 


Aisling Organics is revolutionizing the way you can buy makeup online. We have virtual consultants that you can talk to DIRECTLY on our website that are experts in color matching, ingredient lists, and anything in between. Krysta Lewis, CEO and Founder can answer any questions you have about the cosmetic industry as a whole; she’s also a color matching queen. Briana Rueger is our Head of Customer Service. If you got a question, yo, she’ll solve it! 

To talk to our consultants, simply head on over to our website and click the chat-box on the right-hand side. They’ll answer within 5 minutes ready to tackle any issues you might be having. They can help with FAQ’s, subscription, ingredients, allergies, color matching, rewards, discounts, and more. Truly the dream team of consultants, here to help you. 



If you have a positive experience with our consultants, talk about it online on Facebook, Instagram, or in our VIP Facebook group full of passionate individuals in the clean beauty community. We love you!!