Aisling's Guide to Summer Makeup Looks

Summer is finally within view… as well as a much more efficient makeup routine! Our illuminated rosy cheeks and bronzed sun-kissed skin make makeup application a breeze -- and give us the opportunity to bring more vibrant, summer colors into the mix. Radiant and bold looks are IN, but melted makeup is OUT. We’ll give you some trendy looks to recreate, as well as some tips on how to keep it locked in for the warm days ahead.


Who doesn't love a classic red lip? This look is bold, beautiful, and SIMPLE. A red lip can elevate any look, especially when you want to do your makeup in 10 minutes or less. The lip is paired with a sultry eye and rosy cheeks (making you look sun-kissed without the sun damage)! WIN.

Products used: Poppy Liquid Lipstick, Merlot & Pink Frost Cheek Tint, Mahogany Eco-Luxe Liquid Foundation, Copper Lights and Peach Ice Eyeshadow, Mascara, and Eco-Set Green Tea + Rice Setting Powder.  

TIP: Even if you have dry skin, always place our Green Tea + Rice Setting Powder in the T-Zone (center of the face). This will keep the excess oils on your face to a minimum, and lock in your foundation.


Smokey eyes are easier to apply than you think, the key is building your shadow SLOWLY in your crease. For this look, all you need is Bark and (the fan-favorite) Peach Ice Eyeshadow. Bark was used all over the lid for the smokey effect and peach ice in the high points for highlight & dimension. A nude glossy lip pairs PERFECTLY with a sultry eye.

Products used: Eco-Luxe Liquid Foundation in Amber, Green Tea + Rice Setting Powder, Sienna Cheek Tint, Bark Eyeshadow (on the lid and in brows), Peach Ice Eyeshadow, Mascara, and our #023 Lip Gloss. 


This stunningly natural and buildable look is perfect for a fun trip to the beach, or to grab brunch with friends. Glowy skin makes the complexion look healthy and radiant. A great option to wearing this look is vamping it up at night by adding some Eyeliner and a Liquid Lipstick.

Products used: Eco-Luxe Liquid Foundation in Mahogany, Green Tea + Rice Setting Powder, Merlot Cheek Tint, Mascara, and our #021 gloss.


A fun and flirty look can only be completed with a rosy glow! Celebrities cannot stay away from blush (this is good and bad). Flushed cheeks can add life and ambiance to the skin. This look captures the essence of summer by featuring the Cheek Tint and a pop of lip color!

Products used: Eco-Luxe Foundation in Beige, Green Tea + Rice Setting Powder, Blush Cheek Tint, Antique Penny and Gold Rush Eye Shadow, Luxe Liner in Black, and our volumizing Mascara.

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Happy Summer, beautiful!