8 Tips for Battling Dry Skin in the Winter

We’ve all found it hard to battle dry skin in the wintertime. No matter how many moisturizers or serums we layer on at night, those dry flakes still seem to surface. When the season changes, it is important to realize that your skincare routine should change with it. Here are some helpful tips on how to battle dry skin in the wintertime. 


1. Shower with warm, not hot water 

Taking extremely hot showers might feel nice, but actually dissolves the natural oils in your face. Your skin has a natural layer of protection called the skin microbiome that's composed of oils and bacteria. It's essential for keeping your skin healthy and minimizing the risk of breakouts. Having hot water on your face for an extended period of time breaks down these oils resulting in drier, duller looking skin. 


2. Apply a moisturizer right after the shower 

This is the perfect time to add hydration back to your skin. If you take a warm shower, your pores are starting to open and applying facial oil directly after will trap the moisture in your pores. We recommended using the Shamanuti Face Oil, which is a natural oil that replenishes the skin. 


3. Use gentle, unscented skincare products 

In the wintertime, it is essential to only use gentle, nonscented facial products. Because of the dry air, your skin has a hard time producing enough natural oils to keep your skin moisturized. Using a harsher product with synthetic fragrance can really dry your skin out, causing redness and other skin issues. 


4. Prep your home - get a humidifier or diffuser 

This is one of the most important tips for dry winter skin. Adding moisture into the air can be a complete game-changer. Cold air captures the moisture in your skin, so a humidifier works to put that moisture back into the air. Instead of waking up with those dry flakes around your forehead and nose, you will wake up with more plump and glowing skin. 

A diffuser is good to have right next to your bed. A bulky humidifier might not fit on your nightstand. This is an alternative so you can still have that moisture coming into the air but without a costly and bulky item. 


5. Stay away from Matte products 

Matte cosmetic products work to absorb the oils in your skin. Not to mention, matte products can often accentuate the dry fakes and patches in your skin. Our Eco-Luxe Foundation has hydrating and nourishing ingredients (the first of which is aloe vera) to keep your skin glowing all day. 


6. Buff and exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your skin will remove the dead skin cells and promote new growth. Some natural ways to exfoliate are to mix ¼ cup of sugar and ⅔ cup of honey in a bowl and gently in circular motions rub on your face and neck. If you’re looking for an easier way to buff the skin, lemon juice will remove the dead skin cells. Simply apply to a cotton pad and start in the middle of your face and wipe in outward motions. 


7. Switch out water-based cream to something heavier 

Water-based moisturizers are great for the summertime but might be too light for the winter. We recommend using Shamanuti Creme no 1. This creme has a thicker consistency and is perfect as a nighttime treatment.  


8. Add Fatty Acids to your diet

Nutrition is important for our health and our skin! Eating fatty fish like salmon are excellent for our skin. Omega-3 fatty acids are an important part in keeping skin supple and moisturized. Eating fish is also a source of vitamin E, one of the most important antioxidants for your skin. Most of our products have vitamin E in its formula, like our Eco-Luxe Foundation and our new liquid lipsticks

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