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5 Reason to Switch to Clean Beauty

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5 Reason to Switch to Clean Beauty

As a child I remember playing dress up to mimic my mother. Grabbing her heels, jewelry, and most importantly cosmetics allowed my imagination to pretend to be a grown woman. I was young, and like most children do, I idolized my mother. I sat there on the floor staring in amazement as her confidence showed through as she outlined her lips. Not once did I question what my mother was using, and why. Most children don’t, right? Parents are supposed to know it all. They are teachers, leaders, and encyclopedias rolled into one. If it is good enough for my mother, it is good enough for me. 

As I type that sentence, I wonder how many generations before me managed to have that same thought. As I grew older her routine changed, the amount of cosmetics became minimal, but the creams increased. My mother, Maria, changed her routine. As I grew older it was not as captivating as I found it out to be as a child. The confidence that was once gathered from her cosmetics shifted, in a way we both were not sure why. I went from a child watching my mother beam from ear to ear in front of a mirror, to a teen watching my mother inspect every “imperfection” she could locate. 

I realize now that society blinds us all. Her lack of knowledge past onto me, and we both failed to ask the simplest question. What is in this? Any small curiosity withered away once that sweet, and delicate smell was inhaled. Now as an adult, I dare to ask, what is in this? So, what, here are 5 reasons to switch to clean beauty.

5 Reason to Switch to Clean Beauty:

  1. Benefits from plant based ingredients to your body: Using plant based ingredients in cosmetics or skincare is wise. Polyphenol is found in dried spices, fruits and vegetables, thus containing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties. Due to its properties polyphenol is utilized to prevent the progression of cancer, and diabetes.

  2. Uncertainty of ingredients used in cosmetics and skincare: Since 1938, no major law has passed to regulate the thousands of products that have been used daily from the consumers. This law stated that the brands labels had to be honestly labeled, the rest of the law contains loopholes for any brand currently on the market. The FDA does not require companies to provide safety data on their products, they also don’t test on the safety on personal care products before they are marketed, nor can the FDA simply force a brand to recall products if unsafe ingredients were used. There are more aspects the FDA can’t do versus what they actually do. Why do they exist again?

  3. Fragrance brands are protected by law: Everyone loves a great scent. When was the last time anyone asked what was in their favorite perfume? The fragrance industry is by law protected due to trade secret laws, therefore ingredients are not listed on labels. The law is set up to protect the fragrance companies from having to tell you what ingredients they are using. This is unsettling, and hopefully this topic has made question what you are spraying on your skin. Sadly, this area in the beauty industry will remain largely unanswered. 

  4. Free of animal testing: What does your morning routine look like? After you wake up you brush your teeth, shower, use lotions, perfumes, and cosmetics. I counted twelve products I used during my daily routine, only three are not tested on animals. Two of these products are cosmetics, which I purchased because they were cruelty free. Natural products are never tested on animal, there is no need to. Eliminating the brands dependency of lab generated ingredients obliterates the need for animal testing.  The ingredients utilized are of the safest ingredients. How many daily routine products did you count that were cruelty free?

  5. It takes less than 30 seconds for your skin to absorb any ingredients: I hope by now you are questioning what is in your favorite lotion, perfume, shampoo, and even cosmetics. Our skin is our largest organ on our body that contains three layers. With, that being said it takes less than 30 seconds for any ingredient to be absorbed by our skin and make its way into the bloodstream. Skin is an amazing organ, and it is equipped with enzymes to attack unknown chemicals. Every chemical or ingredient has its purpose within the skincare or cosmetics, so, they all act differently once they are absorbed. Some of these ingredients are made toxic by the exact enzymes equipped to attack unknown chemicals. Ok, seriously, by now you should be questioning what’s in your products.

Clean beauty is not a myth. After all, centuries before we existed, generations upon generation marveled at natural elements to maintain their beauty. Beauty trends have come, and gone, but the concept is still the same. Age should not be feared, nor looked upon like a curse. Age represents wisdom, and honor. At what point did we become dependent on our youth for happiness, or beauty? Wear that wrinkle with pride because you have lived.


Written by Elizabeth Martinez


O’Connor, S., & Spunt, A. (2010). No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics. Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Press.

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